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818.22.College daze. High Life.Living and Learning. That's all this is. ♥Positive Vibes!♥
#csula  #busstation  #Exit
#csula #busstation
Celi the magic-dragon eater. New phone
 New eyes. Eeeeeeeee.
#tbt at vanessa tryna eat me in front of the pigs. I miss this shit!!!!! D:
#tbt I miss the summer!


kinda wanna get laid kinda wanna sleep

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Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation.Alex Turner (via slutstatus)
Seeeeeeee the scabbing on this tattoo is scary!  I get they’re little cuts ): but will I have color on these cuts when they heal however?! Professionals or anyone know!?!?
😘 <3


Totally fan girling about this right meow. This chick isn’t just mad pretty, Shes mad talented too!! Check her stuff out!

Thanks for sending some love Gueravonlok